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FIVE PARISHESSt Lawrence, Barton - Street Prayer 2017

St Lawrence Church exists to be a centre of prayer and worship here in Barton. Not only do we have our Services, but the Church is open every day  as a place of prayer for anyone. This is your Church, please make use of it.

Additionally through the year we pray for the residents of Barton, street by street,  month by month, in our Services and our private prayers.

In 2017 we will be praying as follows:

January:                          White Horse Lane

February:                        Children and staff of St Lawrence School, People who worship or work, but do not live in Barton

March:                             Holmeswood & Ashbank

April:                               Green Drive, Ailsa Close, The Conifers

May:                                Station Lane

June:                               Forest Grove, Mosslea, Barton Heath

July:                                Woodland Way, Thorntrees Ave, Woodland Crescent

August:                           Jepps Lane, Barton Lane

September:                    Jepps Avenue

October:                         St Lawrence Avenue, South Grove, Longcroft

November:                     St Heliers , The Limes

December:                     Garstang Road

In addition to this regular prayer, if there is a person or a situation about which you would like us to pray, please contact one of the Barton representatives on the Prayer Chain, details of which are on the back of this card. Please say whether this is confidential, or whether you would like it included in our Sunday prayers. Alternatively, please use the Prayer Board in church.

 ‘Pray for those who need to forget

the God they do not believe in, and

to meet God who believes in them.'

’Pray for one another to be made whole.

The heartfelt prayer of an upright person works very powerfully’’

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